WikiTwister is a set of tools for browsing and extracting information from Wikipedia. The set is divided into two types: category tools and page tools.

Category Tools

Category Cheat Sheet -- Sort the pages in a Wikipedia category by recent popularity (instead of alphabetically) and view the top 20 most popular.

Wiki Category Chronology -- View a Wikipedia category's pages in order of creation date, with accompanying Google and Google News searches for a span around that creation date.

Wikidata Quick Dip -- Browse the Wikidata properties used by the pages in a category.

Page Tools

Gossip Machine -- Find days of usually-high pageviews for a Wikipedia article and turn those dates into time-bounded Google News searches.

RoloWiki -- Replace the inter-wiki links of a Wikipedia article with a pop-up card full of useful Wikidata.

WikiTwister is designed for use with any Wikipedia article and category. If you're more interested in tools for getting information about people/organizations listed in Wikipedia, try MegaGladys.

WikiTwister is a Calishat jam!

Start with a Wikipedia Category

Enter a keyword to search for. Please bear in mind that this search is very strict and searches for a string exactly as presented. In other words, if you search for North Carolina you will get plenty of results. If you search for Carolina North you will get no results because this search is finding a string, not individual words.

Use the dropdown menu above to choose a Wikipedia category you want to explore. The category you choose will automatically appear in the form below (or you can paste in your own category if you like. Make sure you remove the prefix Category: if you do.)

Category Cheat Sheet -- Pages in Wikipedia categories are listed alphabetically by default. Category Cheat Sheet organizes pages by recent popularity and shows you the top 20.

Wiki Category Chronology -- Lists the pages in the category by creation date. Also provides date-bounded Google / Google News searches tied to the time of page creation.

Wikidata Quick Dip -- Aggregates the Wikidata properties used in a Wikidata category and lets the user explore them.

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Find a Wikipedia Page

Enter a keyword to find Wikipedia pages. Unlike the Wikipedia category search, this search does more general searching with your keyword: a page search for Carolina North will get you lots of results, both about North Carolina itself and concepts related to North Carolina.

Use the dropdown menu to choose one of the pages above and it will automatically populate in the form below. You can also paste in a page name if you prefer.

Gossip Machine -- Find dates with unusually-high page views and turn them into Google News searches. Searches by the month from 2016-now.

RoloWiki -- Turns a Wikipedia page into a mini-contact file by replacing inter-wiki links with calls to display specific wikidata.

Gossip Machine

Gossip Machine uses Wikipedia page views to find days your Wikipedia topic got an unusual number of views, then turns those dates into Google searches. Choose a month and year (It starts with 2017) and click the button. You'll get a list of dates with z-scores and links to date-specific Google searches. You'll also see the average daily pageviews for that article in that month. Please note that the lower the pageviews, the more chance there is of wonkiness. 4000 avg pageviews will give you decent results. 311 page views a day probably won't.

Wikidata Properties: